Speaking Topics

Sample Topics:
Worry Less, Live More: Weary of worry? Tackle the biggest hindrance to hope and joy with an arsenal of unusual helps. Funny, deep, real, and real helpful.

Finding Life: On living in between Eden... and Heaven. A practical, scriptural, bright, humorous look at life In Between. Perfect for Lent, spring, or any season. Excellent for a weekend (2 - 4 sessions), or as a stand - alone talk, on Ash Wednesday, or sermon.

Finding Your Way: A breathtaking and practical journey with the Genesis people. Sessions include: Finding Your Way, Your Promise, Your Name, Your Dream.

FINDING LIFE Up to Four Sessions on living in between Eden...and Heaven. A practical, scriptural, encouraging, and humorous look at life In Between. Perfect for Lent, spring, or any season. Excellent for a weekend, or as a stand-alone talk on Ash Wednesday, or Sunday's sermon.

COME ALONG Encounters with Jesus come alive in this soul-deep exploration based on Jane's critically acclaimed book.

COME CLOSER Are you less than you’d imagined? Find practical help and the Love you’ve hoped for. Laugh and lean into Jesus - see what He meant when He said, “Come to Me.”

RESTING PLACE “Let the weary rest” – but we don’t! What keeps us chronically exhausted? Hear the Shepherd’s heart as you rest in green pastures.

GRACE POINTS: TRANSFORMED BY TRANSITION Whatever our life season, change is inevitable. Find grace and powerful choices from powerless places.

QUIET PLACES: 2 BUSY 2 BE As busy people, we listen to many words but fail to hear the life-changing Voice. Vital tools and teaching on sane soul care in a frantic world.

SURVIVE OR THRIVE Abundant life elusive? Four skills to help us thrive while juggling our many roles.

BODY BUILDING Build God’s kingdom by building up your pastor. A practical look at the pastorate for clergy, Elders, Deacons, Consistories, and lay people.

HEAR THE ANGELS SING Don’t get buried in Holiday Hustle! Move beyond trappings and tinsel, and tune your heart to hear the Music of Heaven.

Other Topics for Speakers, Writers, Ministers, Spouses, Leadership, & Marriage available.

Seasonal Celebrations: Christmas, Advent, Lent, Easter.

Jane Rubietta has been invited to speak at numerous national events, including:
• Free to Soar Global Pastors Wives Network
• MOPS International Convention
• Baptist General Conference for Women in Ministry
• Alliance Women of Canada
• United Methodist Women’s Spiritual Growth Retreat
• General Baptist Women’s Leadership Conference
• Christian & Missionary Alliance Women in Leadership
• Alliance Women National Leadership, USA
• Professional Associations of UM Secretaries
• Seventh Day Baptist National Conference

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