Clergy/Spouse Care

“Overwhelm your pastor with love and appreciation”
(I Thes. 5:12-13)

33% of pastors leave churches due to conflicts with the congregation, with goals or expectations

In one denomination alone, 100 ministers are forced out of ministry each month

The average tenure of all clergy is 2.3 years

When church members need comfort or spiritual guidance, they go to the pastor. But where do pastors go when they have a concern?

"After a few years in ministry I saw so many casualties across the country - broken pastors, church conflict, abandoned callings, ruined marriages, too-brief stays in church, burnout," says Jane Rubietta. "And very few denominations have a structure in place that is confidential, caring, affordable, and accessible to help them."

Jane's book, How to Keep the Pastor You Love, was written in response to the alarming state of our churches today and the enormous fall-out of clergy leaving the pastorate. Jane’s research for How to Keep the Pastor You Love launched a ministry to and for clergy families. She was interviewed for H.B. London’s Pastors at Greater Risk and the Pastor to Pastor Audio Series.
Jane has written many articles on caring for the pastoral family, which appeared in Moody, The Lookout, Pastor’s Family Bulletin, Focus on the Family, and other periodicals. She has interviewed on this subject with hundreds of radio and television stations around the country, and consults with churches, Elder boards, and seminaries. How to Keep the Pastor You Love has been translated into Korean.
Her retreats for clergy, spouses, district and national leadership invite soul-care that can help these leaders "run with perseverance the race that is set before them."

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"Your inspiration really saved my life and has meon a new beginning!"
Jacelyn, clergy spouse

"Refreshing, encouraging...authentic...are words I use to describe Jane Rubietta. She uniquely understands the life of a pastor's wife and those in ministry. We use many of her books in the self - directed studies we provide for our retreat guests. We enthusiastically promote her books and speaking engagements to everyone we know."
Louise Decker, Director, Deer Ridge Ministries

Humor. Hope. Help. Good for the Heart.

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