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Celebrating at the Well Virtual Retreat

Experience the liveliness of an in-person retreat, with all the joy, hope, and application--without the travel logistics! Jane's three sessions, born of our collective longing for hope and healing in hard seasons, invite the audience to community and living water, even in, especially in, the desert places of our lives.

Based on Jane's book, Finding Your Promise. Order copies at a group discount--ask for special pricing!

You'll receive a private link for a one-time use of the entire virtual conference! Screen at your women's spiritual growth day, or invite your group to their own virtual experience. Small group questions available on request.

One-Time Use Price: $150

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Brilliance: Finding Light in Dark Places

We've never needed light more.

Brilliance: Finding Light in Dark Places draws readers toward God in the midst of difficulties and darkness, such as pain, abandonment, discouragement.

Diverse readings include life anecdotes and illustrations, as well as deeper looks at familiar passages. A six-week devotional with application, 35 emotive entries lead to God's character and love, our transformation, and ultimately our action in this world. Weekend segues provide reflection and further application for a life-changing journey out of darkness and into light.

Great for small groups and virtual studies.

Paperback: 978-1-7352414-0-1
E-book: 978-1-7352414-1-8 (available in ebook from online distributors)

Price: $13.00

Don't Miss This Debut Novel by Jane Rubietta

The Forgotten Life of Evelyn Lewis

Finalist for Selah and Cascades National Writing Awards!

Facing bankruptcy, a high-end interior designers returns to her childhood Tennessee to salvage her company, and finds herself tangled in relationships, property disputes, and a past that refuses to be silenced.

In a desperate attempt to save her company from bankruptcy, designer Evelyn Lewis decides to sell the only memento from her past with any worth--the fertile farmland. Determined to get in and get out of the abandoned property, she finds the valuable land mired in a trust, and wonders, who can she really trust? Not the property manager and affable southern gentleman, Taylor Simpson.

Embroiled in the mechanics of a farm, a legal document she can't break, and pressure from her company for money, Evelyn turns to her own wiles and willpower...but can her willpower resist the South's wooing?

ISBN-13: 978-1-946016-65-2

Price: $14.00

Quiet Places
A Woman's Guide to Personal Retreat

Now Available on Kindle
(Abounding Publishing, 2005)

Quiet Places: A Woman's Guide to Personal Retreat answers our yearning for a deeper relationship with God. Deepen your spiritual life through this unique guide.

“Jesus said, ‘Come away with me to a quiet place, and get some rest.’” Mark 6:31. When is the last time someone offered to give you rest?! Take Jesus up on His invitation…

Whether your time slot is twenty minutes or a day-long getaway, explore such issues as stress, forgiveness, loss, gifts, goals, and relationships.

This practical book invites the reader to come away to a quiet place, using quotes, meditative Scriptures, and soul-deepening questions. Moving narratives will take you by the hand and lead you to the Savior. Bring your Bible and slip away for a time with Quiet Places: A Woman's Guide to Personal Retreat.

Designed for individual or group use.

176 pp. / ISBN 0-7642-2001-2

Price: $14.00

Quiet Places Companion CD: Music to Restore Your Soul

Heartbeat of a Mother:
Encouragement for the Lifelong Journey

2020 International Reading Program, United Methodist Women

For mothers who've loved it, blown it, overdone it. Mothers who are exhausted. Or depleted. For everyday mothers, trying to move from tying shoes to fit to be tied. Mothers of boomerang adults, mothers suddenly parenting their own mothers, mothers raising grandchildren. Readers will laugh, they will cry. In these deep, vulnerable, moving, hopeful words, they will find themselves on these pages. More than that, they will find hope.They will find God again. And they will realize they are not alone. Heartbeat of a Mother. A six-week devotional Bible study for mothers of all ages, inviting them to celebrate, resuscitate, and recalibrate. Heart-full, helpful, hopeful. Because mothering never ends…and it needn’t be the end of you.

Group Leader's Guide

ISBN-13: 978-1-63257-150-2

Price: $13.00

Finding Your Dream: From Famine to Feast - the Life of Joseph

Finding Your Dream is a three - month devotional journey into the life of Joseph in Genesis 30 - 50, leading disciples through the autumn season of life, when the colors of God - given vision seem to have faded and died. But it can be especially in these times, Rubietta writes, that God sends new dreams: "We find our dream when we find ourselves well and deeply loved, forgiven, and called by God into a life of impact, a life that changes us for the good of others."

Rubietta leads us through ninety - one warm and substantial devotional readings, each deeply rooted in scriptural role models and each resolved with her trademark "Traveling Mercy" benediction, punctuated with a practical, brief "Note to Self."

Finding Your Dream is an invitation from God to come, gather perspective, and see again our own dreams through Joseph's eyes - to find fresh application for our own souls and revived visions for our own journeys.

"A book worthy of ritual re-readings." - Leonard Sweet, best-selling author and speaker

For individual and small group study, Sunday schools, and church-wide programming.

Finding Your Dream Study Guide

ISBN-13: 9780898279009

Price: $13.00

Finding Your Way: From Pain to Purpose: the Lives of Adam and Noah

Based on the remarkable lives of Adam and Noah, Finding Your Way explores the faithfulness of the God who called these men and their families, and still calls us today. For all who long to break from yesterday's pain and find today's purpose, these ninety deeper devotions through Genesis 1 - 11 are an invitation from God to come, gain perspective, rehydrate, and continue the journey. Walk with Adam and Noah to gain fresh faith and hope for your journey.

For individual and small group study, Sunday schools, and church-wide programming.

Finding Your Way Study Guide

ISBN-13: 9780898278941

Price: $13.00

Worry Less So You Can Live More
Exchange Your Worries for Delight in God... and God’s Delight in You

2020 International Reading Program, United Methodist Women

Weary of worry and its tagalongs: anxiety, discouragement, and exhaustion? Leave behind your heavy heart and learn to truly live again. Experience joy and rest in the moment - by - moment pleasure of a God who delights in you - and has all your tomorrows under his control. Jane’s picturesque prose offers enduring encouragement and practical and unique tools for change. Discussion questions and journaling prompts make this the perfect book to read on your own or share with your small group and discover how to worry less and live more.

ISBN-10: 0764212656
ISBN-13: 978-0764212659

Price: $14.00

Finding Your Promise : From Barren to Bounty - The Life of Abraham

Based on the remarkable life of Abraham, Finding Your Promise explores the faithfulness of the God who called Abraham and still calls us today. For all who long to break from today's snares and yesterday’s prisons, these ninety Deeper Devotions through Genesis 12 - 25 are an invitation from God to come, gain perspective, rehydrate your soul, and continue the journey. Walk with Abraham, Sarah, and their companions, and gain fresh faith and hope for your journey.

An excellent tool for anyone in a time of change or life shift, when living today is challenge enough. Great for clergy and laypeople, Bible study groups, and caregivers.

For individuals and small group study, Sunday schools, and church - wide programming.

Finding Your Promise Study Guide

ISBN-10: 0898278961
ISBN-13: 978-0898278965

Price: $13.00

Finding Your Name : From Insecurity to Inheritance - the lives of Isaac and Jacob

Based on the lives of two children of the promise, Isaac and Jacob, Finding Your Name explores the ways God’s blessings passed from Abraham through his heirs to us today. For all who long for hope and security, these ninety deeper devotions through Genesis 21 - 35 are an invitation from God to come, gain perspective, and partake of the benefits (and responsibilities) of your remarkable inheritance. Look inside the lives of these imperfect people and find, again, God’s faithfulness. Walk with Isaac and Jacob to gain fresh faith and hope for your journey of faith. Delightful, witty, and deeply practical, with new insights and application on the familiar stories of this father-son team.

For individual and small group study, Sunday schools, and church-wide programming.

Available April 30, 2015!

Finding Your Name Study Guide

ISBN-10: 0898278988
ISBN-13: 978-0898278989

Price: $13.00

Finding the Messiah: From Darkness to Dawn - the Birth of Our Savior

Find the Messiah, and find both your greatest adventure and the fulfillment of your greatest desire.

Advent is for us all. The brokenhearted, the barren, the aged, the young, the disillusioned, the faithful, the doubting; people going through the motions of faith though faced with God's silence. During this season, Jane Rubietta leads our hearts into a daily respite of deeper devotion.

More than rich words, Jane couples biblical truth with a practical walk.
Jo Anne Lyon, The Wesleyan Church

New ironies and relevance in the age-old Christmas story.
Dianne E. Butts, author

Powerful, visual, and impactful.
Carol Kent, author

Well-woven, fresh, vibrant.
Lucinda Secrest McDowell, author

A study in discipleship and a lovely journey to the miraculous life found in Bethlehem.
Kathi Macias, author

May this be the year that the Promised One comes, scatters our shadows, shatters our fears, wraps us in the light that is night-splitting love and forgiveness. Join this intimate guided tour to finding the Messiah.

Finding the Messiah Study Guide

ISBN 9-7808-9827-902-3

Price: $10.00

Finding Life:
From Eden to Gethsemane--the Garden Restored

An amazing journey between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane. Though we live somewhere in between, these forty readings will lead us out of the pain and residual trauma as Eden's outcasts, and toward the Garden of New Life.

Perfect for Lenten studies, small groups, and personal devotions, Between Two Gardens examines the beauty and pain, the light and darkness, the suffering and the joy in this intimate journey.

Three sections for each reading examine Eden, Gethsemane, and this time In Between. Practical application, beautiful quotes, and challenging questions make this a book that is more than an intellectual voyage. It is life-changing.

Jane Rubietta is a captivating, lyrical writer whose vulnerability engages readers. If you've heard her speak, then you'll recognize her humor as well, lightening the tone of the journey. Her critically acclaimed work invites the reader into personal intimacy as well as intimacy with God and others. She connects readers back to their hearts.

But don't just find your life. Change your life! Don't miss this heart-changing experience. It's worth the journey!

Finding Life Study Guide

256 pp. / ISBN 0-8982-7892-9

Price: $13.00

Come Along

Fall in love with Jesus—again, and again, and again!

Come along and find the Jesus who waits to live, love and delight in you. Travel from river to temple to party to garden…Ten vivid encounters from the Gospels. With humor and spiritual depth, Jane Rubietta draws you into the hope of a freeing relationship with Christ—freedom from false expectations into the brilliance of being fully loved.

Let Jesus delight in you.

Leave your hurry-worry path. Take Jesus’ hand and Come Along on a journey into intimacy, hope, and passion. Exchange worn-out, must-do faith for real radiance. Solid biblical teaching, heart-rending stories and practical application in each chapter make Come Along excellent for personal, small group, and Bible study use. Also included: Girlfriends' Guide to Come Along.

Come Along Study Guide

Come Along: The Journey into a More Intimate Faith
(Colorado Springs, CO: Waterbrook Press, a division of Random House, 2008).

ISBN 978-1-4000-7352-8

Price: $14.00

Come Along - Audiobook (March 31, 2009)


Price: $20.00

Come Closer

Come for… Help. Relief.
When your heart’s sore
When you’re hungry and still want…more

The Love you’ve almost quit longing for waits for you in Jesus’ irresistible “come” invitations. Jane’s vibrant, vulnerable look at these familiar words will open your heart to the life, love, and feast you’ve been missing. Humor and unforgettable stories put skin on the Scriptures, and bring back to life hope, help, and new ways to draw you nearer to God. Come alongside Jesus, and you’ll dance with him at the wedding feast, walk with him on water, feed the 5,000, and enter His joy.

Come Closer—to life, Jesus, and a new you.

Each chapter includes engaging ideas, application exercises, discussion or reflection questions, plus: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Come Closer for how to use this book for personal or group Bible study!

Come Closer Study Guide

Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach (Colorado Springs, CO: Waterbrook Press, a division of Random House, 2007).

ISBN 978-1-4000-7351-1

Price: $14.00

Come Closer Audiobook

(March 31, 2009)


Price: $20.00

Stones of Remembrance

Fear of the future...sins of the past...a relationship at rock-bottom...Whatever you're facing, it is nothing new to our God. With love and empathy and powerful encouragement, let Lois Evans and Jane Rubietta take you back to the rock hard truth in rock hard times: God loves you, loves you, loves you. Let that into your thirsty heart. Difficult times do not diminish God's love. God never changes, and remembering God's faithfulness in our challenges will help us cross over our River Jordan. From Achsah to Zipporah, thirteen precious women in the Old Testament will bring us into their lives and back into hope, whatever the situation facing us. Lyrical writing, warm stories, and solid application make Stones of Remembrance perfect for personal devotions, small groups, and Bible Studies.

ISBN-13 978-0-8024-8398-0

Price: $13.00

Resting Place:

A Personal Guide to Spiritual Retreats
(InterVarsity Press: 2005)

A personal retreat. We've never needed it more. We run from one place to the next--from meetings and appointments to our kid's soccer practice, from class to work to choir rehearsal, from the grocery store to small group--and then drop into bed later than we hoped, exhausted and dreading the morning. We want to slow down but don't know how and don't really believe that we can. And often, the idea of a personal retreat--time for solitude and silence--makes us feel as anxious as all our frenzied rushing. What in the world would we do with an hour, an afternoon or (gulp!) a whole day of solitude with God?

These retreats help us enter Psalm 23 rest, a place of true rest and trust in our loving, gentle Shepherd. Full of quotes to contemplate, Scripture to meditate on, questions, prayer and journaling ideas, and ideas for creativity, Jane Rubietta leads us to and through times of silence and solitude that will follow us into our everyday world as we learn to allow Jesus to guide, comfort and restore us.

ISBN 10-0-8308-3336-6

Price: $23.00

Grace Points:
Growth and Guidance in Times of Change
(InterVarsity Press: 2004)

SOMETIMES WE GET LOST. We lose our sense of who we are, what life is about and where God is in the midst of it all. This sense of lostness often comes in times of transition whether in a move from one city to another, a health crisis, the loss of a family member through death or divorce, or downsizing at work. Jane Rubietta has written this book to help us find God in the wilderness of life changes. Here you'll find healing through encouraging stories from women's lives, Scripture, reflection questions and much more.

God has good gifts for you even in the wilderness. Come and find them!

ISBN 0-8308-1952-5

Price: $12.00

How to Keep the Pastor You Love
(InterVarsity Press, 2002)

“Overwhelm your pastor with love and appreciation”
(I Thes. 5:12-13)

33% of pastors leave churches due to conflicts with the congregation, with goals or expectations

In one denomination alone, 100 ministers are forced out of ministry each month

The average tenure of all clergy is 2.3 years

When church members need comfort or spiritual guidance, they go to the pastor. But where do pastors go when they have a concern?

"After a few years in ministry I saw so many casualties across the country - broken pastors, church conflict, abandoned callings, ruined marriages, too-brief stays in church, burnout," says Jane Rubietta. "And very few denominations have a structure in place that is confidential, caring, affordable, and accessible to help them."

Designed for individual and group use, with practical application points for parishioner and pastor alike, How to Keep the Pastor You Love enables the congregation to become part of that support system for ministers. Rubietta's book helps develop stronger pastor-congregation relationships with open communication, accountability, support and honesty.

How to Keep the Pastor You Love educates congregations and church leaders on issues pastors face, such as frequent moves and expectations of the church, the pastor's spiritual life, care for the pastor's spouse and children, and financial compensation.

ISBN 0-8308-2319-0

Price: $20.00

Sensational After 60
Life on the Other Side of Mid-Life Struggles
(New Leaf Press, 2005)

Author Shirley Mitchell (with Jane Rubietta), a beautiful 65, speaks from experience as she leads the way for the first of the 10 million baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) who will be crossing into their 60s over the next 20 years. Promoting a positive and uplifting approach to aging, Shirley gives readers many reasons to be excited about this wonderful decade of life: believing in a loving God, the experience that time has given, the zest for life, children and grandchildren, retirement, and rekindling intimacy.

ISBN 0892216093

Price: $12.00

Fabulous after 50
by Shirley Mitchell with Jane Rubietta
(New Leaf Press 2000)


Wouldn't It Be Wonderful . . .if every woman inching toward the half-century mark could consider herself absolutely . . Fabulous. Unfortunately, age 50 and beyond is not looked upon as the ideal time of life. But, God wants us to see every age as an exciting, glorious adventure and with this book, you can put an end to the myth that when you reach the age 50, you are “over the hill.”

A woman’s book, written by women with a deep concern for women, Fabulous After 50 is the perfect text for small group discussion. It includes not only chapter questions for immediate application, but looks deep into the scriptures for inspiration, and encouragement.

Topics Include:
· Aging With a Positive Attitude
· Fighting Midlife Fears
· Getting In Spiritual and Physical Shape
· Improving Relationships
· Menopause
· Emotional Well-Being
· Advice From Nutritional and Health Experts

This book truly touches the many concerns and realities the almost 80 million baby Boomers face today. It is a powerful tool to focus on God’s amazing grace through the golden years and embrace the future!

ISBN 0-89221-497-x

Price: $12.00




Humor. Hope. Help. Good for the Heart.

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