Audience Testimonials

“Absolutely captivating.”

“Why aren’t you with Women of Faith?!”

"I have been photographing events for 20 years. I have never seen a group riveted for two hours like they were with Jane."
North Carolina

"Aside from elegance, wit, creativity, passion, and organizational skills; not to mention compassion, wisdom, and delightfully irreverent humor; your caring as well as your intellect raised the bar on 'living well and real' for me."

"Thank you again for your wonderful, witty, and wise presentation at our Lutheran Church today! I am confident the ladies walked away renewed and refreshed by your words."
Women's Coordinator, Illinois

"Thank you for being who you are--an incredible example of grace and compassion. You will never know the impact your words of encouragement have had on this bruised heart, both as a woman and as a writer."

"I am so encouraged. Jane made the Scriptures come alive. I can read them and know what they mean to me, and how to put them into my life. Praise God!"

“The women of our church will never be the same.”
North Carolina

"Thank you so very, very much for teaching our students in the School of Women's Ministries. It was a great day of learning for them, and they'll be better equipped to serve as a result. You are an excellent communicator." Director, Women's Ministry, Baptist General Conference

"I have heard nothing but praise from those who attended the retreat. You are a master teacher and God truly uses you to draw women to himself. I was deeply moved by your insights into the desert experiences each of us share. You are…articulate and Spirit-filled, and I am thankful for your life and ministry. We look forward to the next time you come."
Women's Ministry Director, California

“A powerful message through an inspirational speaker. Thank you.”

"I am inspired by your humor, rich use of metaphors, and ability to connect Biblical text to our everyday lives. I'm filled with hope that God sends people like you to breathe fresh insight into women."
A Pastor

“Jane Rubietta's willingness to be 'real' and vulnerable is one of her greatest assets as a speaker; retreat attendees also described her as 'passionate', 'sensitive', 'godly', 'energizing'."
Retreat Coordinator, Illinois

"You beautifully facilitated a wonderful time…my heart has been touched; my spirit lifted; my soul inspired and renewed."
New Hampshire

"Between Two Gardens, presented with delightful humor, touched our hearts personally. We left with books and outlines reminding us of vital lessons--and a powerful sense of the fullness of God's love and forgiveness."
Retreat Coordinator, Illinois

"Refreshing, animated, informative, inspiring."

"Listening to you - and to God through you - has been a real grace. Your deep faith and passionate response to God underlie all that you do and say."

"Far surpassed what I expected God to do at our weekend."

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