Praise for Come Closer

“Rubietta encourages Christian women to avail themselves of 15 intimate ‘invitations,’ being drawn into Christ’s ever-welcoming embrace of unconditional mercy, grace and acceptance. Rubietta beautifully presents Jesus’ gentle yet persistent summons to come closer to experience this abundant comfort when life hurts, relief is scarce and help is absent or inadequate. In four-part sequence, the author weaves an eloquent display of proofs from scripture—mainly from the Gospels—that Jesus is indeed close at hand and that Christians can bask in this spiritual reality right now. Jesus’ example of extravagant love, she says, is to be passed on in like manner. Rubietta provides numerous poignant stories to illustrate each chapter's takeaway; particularly compelling is her account of a makeup artist who weekly serves the women employed at a strip club, building relationships with these hurting individuals without standing in judgment of their profession. Rubietta writes well, richly presenting Jesus’ beckonings with dynamic storytelling, emotionally inviting prayers and calls to honest introspection. She is wonderful at expressing the heart’s longing for comfort and care. Evangelicals will find their spirits uplifted after relishing Rubietta’s entreaty to draw nearer still to the Jesus who always cares.”
—Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

“To borrow Jane’s own words, Come Closer ‘rocked me from my roots and set me in motion’ toward an even more intimate relationship with the Lover of my soul. With eloquent words and powerful imagery, Jane speaks to the heart of every woman who longs for a genuine encounter with Jesus.”
—Shannon Ethridge, M.A., best-selling author of the Every Woman’s Battle series and the new Loving Jesus without Limits series including Completely His

“Jane Rubietta has issued an invitation to come from wherever you are right now to an intimacy with Christ that is deeper, higher, wider, and more personal than you’ve ever experienced before. With gentle, conversational tones, she weaves stories from her own life with the stories of Jesus, and skillfully woos the reader to develop the daily habit of responding to His call. If you are longing for a transformational encounter with Him, read this book!”
—Carol Kent, speaker and author of A New Kind of Normal

“Jane Rubietta beckons us to accept Jesus’ invitation to join him in intimacy. My response to the entreaty is immediate and core: I’m on my way!”
—Elisa Morgan, CEO of MOPS International, publisher of Fulfill

“I loved this book! Jane Rubietta’s powerful words bring Scripture to life and shine its dazzling light into our lives. (Grab your sunglasses!) She paints such a vivid portrait of Jesus that His loving invitation ‘Come unto Me’ is tangible on every page. More than any other book, Come Closer showed me Christ’s heart and drew me into the warmth of His loving embrace.”
—Lynn Austin, Christy Award-winning author of Candle in the Darkness, Fire by Night, Hidden Places, and A Woman’s Place

“I can always count on Jane to help me move closer to Jesus. Now Jane helps move every reader into the life-transforming shadow of the loving Savior. Come Closer is a breath of fresh air for the soul.”
—Pam Farrel, author of Woman of Influence, 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make, and Devotions for Women on the Go!

“Inspiring and practical, Come Closer welcomes us to the joyful life found in the acceptance of Jesus’ invitations. Jane Rubietta models well the abundant life that results when the response to His offers are accepted with excitement. Her insights on Jesus’ words bring the encouragement we need to RSVP to Christ’s ongoing opportunities for a life with no regrets. Come closer and you will find what you’ve been looking for—I did.”  
—Becky Hunter, president, Global Pastors’ Wives Network, and author of Being Good to Your Husband on Purpose

“Has there ever been a cultural time when invitations to intimacy have been more desired?  Our breath-taking schedules, our compulsive multi-tasking all too often leave empty holes in our souls. Jane Rubietta looks at the 15 invitations issued by Christ to come…and come closer. Drawing upon anecdotes of personal vulnerability and stories of poignant humor, Rubietta invites the reader into the circle, into the place of belonging. Come Closer is a book that will make you want to consider those points of deepest connections—in your own soul, with God, and with others.”
—Karen Mains, director of Hungry Souls, and author of The God Hunt and Open Heart, Open Home

“Jane Rubietta extends hospitality through her words. She invites the reader to exit the highway of life and find refreshment in God’s truth. In Jane’s unique storytelling way, she gently leads you to the feet of Jesus answering His invitation to ‘come.’ Jane is one of my favorite authors; because of her, I know myself better and I know my Savior more intimately. Don’t miss this invitation to come close and experience life to the fullest!”
—Jill Savage, executive director of Hearts at Home, author of My Heart’s at Home

“There is no greater invitation than to spend time with the One who not only allows u-turns, but longs for us to turn closer to Him daily. In a powerful and poignant style that speaks directly to the heart, Jane Rubietta brings alive the ‘Come as You Are’ invitation Jesus has extended to every one of us. Come Closer is an intimate journey into the enormous hospitality of a God who loves us no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done.”
—Allison M. Bottke, author and founder of God Allows U-Turns

“As you read this book, you’ll personally feel the gentle Savior beckoning to ‘Come,’ be refreshed, no matter what you face. You’ll relate to Jane’s quiet, yet powerful and real life messages of God’s coming, renewing, and healing.”
—Marlae Gritter, executive vice president of Moms In Touch International

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