Joyful Joyful CD

Hymns and New Songs for Worship

Original worship music by Rich Rubietta and new arrangements of treasured traditional hymns equals one Joyful CD, complete with 13 background tracks for personal worship or corporate worship. Free chord charts available with purchase. Email us when your order is placed and ask for the charts!

Price: $13.00

Quiet Places CD

God's Music to Restore your Soul

A moving, enriching companion resource to the book Quiet Places, with a key Scripture from each chapter set to original music by Rich Rubietta. This CD will guide and enrich your spiritual life, reinforcing the application from the book.

Price: $13.00

The World is our Neighborhood CD

Dynamic music brings children to their feet and subtly teaches character building traits and a worldview broader than the screen of their electronic devices. Perfect for K-6th grade students and schools.

Price: $13.00

Resting Place CD:

A Musical Companion to the Book Resting Place (InterVarsity Press: 2005)

Rich Rubietta and Abounding Music offer twelve Scriptures set to music and surrounded by fresh lyrics to strengthen your walk with God. This CD serves as a companion to Jane Rubietta's book, Resting Place. Tracks include:

1. Restingplace
2. Portion
3. Everlasting Love
4. Integrate
5. I'll Arise
6. Whole Soul
7. Be Angry
8. Fear Not
9. Final Answer
10. This Is the Day
11. Serve One Another
12. Love of My Life

Not Available - Currently being Remastered





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