On Vulnerability:
“Klieg Lights: The Brilliance of Vulnerability”
©2008 Jane Rubietta
indeed, Mar/Apr 2008, p. 2-3.
All rights reserved.

On Being Wildly Loved:
“It’s Impossible: The Dance of a King”
©2006 Jane Rubietta
indeed, Jan/Feb 2006, p. 8-9.
All rights reserved.

On Parenting:
“A Time to Keep Silent”
©2003 Jane Rubietta
HomeLife, January 2003, p. 20-22.
All rights reserved.

On Creativity:
“Who Me, Creative?”
©2007 Jane Rubietta
Today’s Christian Woman, March/April 2007
Excerpted from the book, Resting Place:
(IVP, 2006). All rights reserved.

On Friendship:
“Soul Sisters”
©2003 Jane Rubietta
HomeLife, August 2006, p. 36-39.
All rights reserved.

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